Consilium offer comprehensive and holistic wealth management solutions ranging from individual discretionary investment advice through to retirement and estate planning, both domestically and offshore. We strive to enhance and preserve client wealth by focusing on suitable product selection coupled with capital protection and the achievement of above-average returns.

The experience and expertise attained in our asset management and stock broking businesses enable us to identify market opportunities and pass this knowledge onto clients through the advice we provide. In this regard, our advice-led philosophy and bespoke client solutions differentiate us in the industry.

Our private wealth services include:

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Discretionary and non-discretionary investment advice

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Retirement planning

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Estate planning

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Bespoke portfolio construction

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Domestic and offshore investment advice

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Stock broking portfolios

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Financial Planning:

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At Consilium we continuously search for means of delivering excellence in all our offerings, often exploring both organic and external opportunities for improvement. To our excitement, a promising opportunity materialized in late 2015 whereby we officially partnered with Plexus Wealth - an authorised discretionary financial services provider who has a well-deserved market reputation of successfully delivering private wealth solutions ranging from financial advice to investment products.

The Plexus Wealth partnership greatly contributes to Consilium’s goal of providing our valued clients with a holistic financial service offering.

Plexus Wealth (Pty) Ltd is an authorised Financial Services Provider (FSP No, 25949)

Plexus Wealth KZN (Pty) Ltd is an authorized Financial Services Provider (FSP No. 21635).

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