Benefits of a managed share portfolio include:

  • Icon reduce ba8206439c7ee8c5ff13dd7761bb734ed9bb622e625ad4e34f49410782baa301
    Reduced Costs
  • Icon flexibility 4c7a01ff054a3519f61f0136b0d858768e01d534123a73e545c17170fb4f49a3
  • Icon transparency 0e9276498bd1be4658fa26f6e09dd9257321bef317adb873ab2f26c4f6c6e17b
  • Icon advantages 3db3ab3835e123ca3afeb0d63f3109e3338bee1702d20a2da4996cb42b0f4188
    The advantages associated to having a tailor-made solution


Consilium's managed share portfolio offering focuses on matching the portfolio with the investment objective, risk tolerance and timeframe of the client.

The portfolio provides clients with the ability to tap into the resources, experience and expertise of Consilium.

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