Contributions to a pension fund are generally made by an employee at set intervals according to their salary or wage. In some cases, the employer will supplement these contributions.

A pension fund is managed by an authorised financial service provider who aims to provide stable growth over the long term. A significant advantage of a pension fund is that is has certain tax benefits for employees.

Within our diverse universe, Consilium are particularly proud of our Pension Fund offering, specifically the performance and service that we provide to our valued clients that span across various industries. Benefits of using Consilium’s pension fund offering also include:

  • Icon consistant performance 191b596333d47689bf91d59b8bddfda0f202055b810110dc5c37209364f8e5f6
    Consistent performance
  • Icon proprietary research 74fdca0505a34b4b39033407853ce463d13bc230f0f2025a8bd64b7423da83f1
    Proprietary research
  • Icon definable investment processes 2942e0aab692dda47084b57326eb0a2e701c6d09df9d3e2598dfd4795c6cf41e
    Strict internal compliance
  • Icon strict internal compliance 9c8fa4051481501234735f2b9b687a575ab06919dbb40eb3ba974cc793b6e1e1
    Structured and definable investment processes
  • Icon wealth 403e7520b52a9d87f926c621e7bf118f3b2f2e58aa1ecc6f8a0ab8bf06ed611a
    Flexibility to maximise opportunities
  • Icon total transparency 725a860b4b3d8e7476d75434eadb6ec7386274b5012d5a58da88e5e7f2d96f21
    Total transparency
  • Icon personal service ebb5aef2c75c09adbe8475112b79b47b4b1efaff59736b6ade6b4cc06bfac34b
    Personal service
  • Icon highly approachable 0e3686bd9729145e941886657b92eb6a25215077c77883ec092a72f19df543f9
    Highly approachable

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