The following key benefits can be achieved through an employee share manager scheme:

  • Icon goal 555a21084ef558bf9cdbe19cc40e7f82f8c4790bfb8656e03112b60d7b76d8e9
    Alignment of interests and goals;
  • Icon approvement f11f36b2e174d3088e77f6036ff7d318f0a5917faf8aea6c33b4bdf2281ee674
    Improved trust; and
  • Icon wealth 403e7520b52a9d87f926c621e7bf118f3b2f2e58aa1ecc6f8a0ab8bf06ed611a
    Wealth creation.

At Consilium we offer the service of handling the employee share manager scheme on behalf of our client’s company for the benefit of their employees. Through the pro-active and appropriate management of this scheme we can assist in attracting, retaining and motivating employees, as well as aligning their interests to that of the company.

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