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Consilium Capital at the 2016 Batseta Imbasa Yegolide Awards for service excellence to retirement funds:

Won the Balanced Fund Manager of the Year

Nominated for Equities Manager of the Year

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Consilium Securities at the 2016 Financial Mail Investors Monthly SA Top Stockbroker Awards:

Won Top Advice-Based Broker

Won Top CFD Provider

Over the past two decades


has transformed into a broad based financial service provider, offering an array of client-centric products spanning across stockbroking, private wealth and asset management. Our reputation in the market is supported by our solid track record, pro-active nature, vast experience and collective dedication to excellence.

Since 1996, our team of skilled market professionals have ensured the company’s longevity and success by:

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Adhering to stern risk management principles

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Achieving consistent performance

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Delivering first-rate client service


Year Trajectory

Our 20 year trajectory has elevated us to a unique position in financial markets. We can offer our clients a full-spectrum of financial services - both discretionary and non-discretionary – while remaining focused and flexible. This has afforded Consilium recognition as one of South Africa’s top boutique financial service companies.

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